Herbal Remedies

Hunt the Koyemsi near the swamp. Collect 10 Herbal Ingredients for Old Woman Juriel.

Excuse me traveller, but can I ask you for a favor? My joints hurt something terrible... Before my husband died, he brought me Herbs to ease this arthritis. Now that he's gone, I can't get the Herbal Ingredients I need. For the tea, of course. The Koyemsi living near the swamp love this Herbal Ingredient. They carry large bunches everywhere. If you could bring me a few, I would be very grateful.

Quest Conditions

Kind What
Drop from Monster Dry Herbal Ingredient x10
From: (Baby Ape), (Ape) Rate: 800%


Name Amount
Experience 15,740,676
Gold Coin 100,000
Skill Points 5