The Taste of Mushroom

Collect 5 Strayana Mushrooms, bring them to Merchant Cobe.

Don't mushrooms make you hungry? Take a look at this one. This speckled beauty is from Strayana. Not only is it delicious, but eating it treats a host of ills. Unfortunately, the Trolls learned of this panacea and they're gathering all the mushrooms before I can get to them. We need these mushrooms more than the trolls do. I've been thinking about sending someone to kill a few Trolls and taking their mushrooms. This would be a good opportunity for you, how `bout it?

Quest Conditions

Kind What
Drop from Monster Strayana Mushroom x5
From: (Swamp Troll), (Swamp Fly Troll) Rate:750%


Name Amount
Experience 1,661,461,000
Skill Points 3